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"Words Karina Karina García"


Fashion has always been my passion, besides acting. These two are my constant desires, my dreams and projects to be developed. Create worlds, lifestyles, feelings, emotions, define an era, highlight, be edgy and somehow express my art; It is what I want to design because spice is an idea; a line that comes alive and paper fiber, cloth, mold, needle and thread becomes ... By Black Collection means to me sleepless hours in this "American dream". But today I share with you, proudly the result of this effort. I firmly believe that we must be persistent, never stop creating, to believe, to reinvent against all odds. The road is tortuous, but the destination is enriching, soul-satisfying. After all, our time on this planet must have a sense or several senses, and I think one of them is to leave a mark, no matter how big or small, but leave it. This is one step of many that should give, but the important thing is to advance and expand the horizon, mind, and inspire others to do so, because we are part of a whole.




Our collection is governed by the female form, the sensuality of Miami nights required a bold and self-assured woman.

Karina Garcia easily combine different textures to please not only the audience but also the female skin that wears your designs. Feeling free is the key to this collection called "By Black".

The black color is the best friend of women; It never makes them look bad, and Karina, acute observer of the nocturnal fauna, knows what it takes to be unique in this concrete jungle full of glamor, fun and exquisite extravagance.

Karina Garcia

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